Our Next 4 Years: Life Without Science

Over Easter weekend, I had the pleasure of working with Mike Blum and Ramiro Olmos on a PSA for The March for Science. I created the backgrounds (with a little help from my kid – both cat illustrations are hers) based on storyboards by Ramiro. It was a flurry of activity to get the spots out in time for the following weekend’s march.

As some of you know, science is a subject dear to my heart. My love for learning and the natural sciences came into focus with my grandmother and her infectious curiosity. I still have the microscope she gave me when I turned 7 and was so proud to pass it onto my own daughter at the same age.

My grandmother is still my hero. Born at the turn of the century she was a woman far ahead of her time. She received her doctorate from California Berkely when it was rare for a woman, let alone a ‘minority’ to do so. So, with her in my heart, I was very proud to lend a hand in this endeavor.

Below is a link to the full video. Enjoy!

Click to view PSA – March for Science

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