Star Wars Tiki - Together Again

Illustration & Design

     A selection of work created for personal and professional projects. One of my favorites is the tiki style illustrations. The series started with ‘Survivor Challenge, which was created for a public school benefit to help raise salary for auxiliary positions (librarian, computer technician, after school care). The yellow character ...

Yearbook Cover

Print Layout & Design

A selection of design and layout done for print media. LFNS Yearbook was designed and laid out to benefit a local school. Funds raised went towards equipment and educational materials to meet the needs of the school and its students. I was responsible for nearly all parts of this 100+ ...

Retouch - extension

Photo Retouching

Skills I developed over my tenure in the film and television visual effects industry lend themselves perfectly to photo retouching. Matte paintings and set extensions, color correction, restoration of damaged photos, cleaning up wrinkles in clothing, realistic softening of blemishes and other imperfections, are only a few of the many ...

LGD logo

Logos & Identity

A sampling of logos and identity pieces I’ve designed.

The Way Back Machine

I use photography as a tool in my work and it is also a personal hobby. The images I take influence my art and may even be directly applied in it. The textures of nature and decay, the study of anatomy, the use of depth of field, motion blur and ...

Generalist Demo Reel

Demo Reels

Each of these three demo reels showcases a different production discipline from my years in film and television. The Generalist reel show a bit of everything, the Lighting reel focuses on digital lighting and shader work, and the Animation reel features productions in which I did animation and rigging.