Vegging Out

Wow, this year is flying! February is nearly over and I haven’t posted anything since the New Year.

Repeat patterns have always fascinated me. Years ago when I was working in game design much of what I did involved creating patterns that would make the most of the smallest amount of space. It’s been years since I’ve played around doing repeats so I was thrilled to jump into a project that involved textile design. I love fabric and have sewn off and on since I was a preteen. What a great opportunity to delve into a side of art that has held my interest for ages.

Below are some of my initial sketches. I went with a food theme. I had so many that I narrowed the theme down to vegetables. I plan on following up with fruits and cookware, etc. Stay tuned.

I illustrated the individual veggies in Photoshop and then placed them in Illustrator to create the repeat pattern. Here’s the final repeat – the setting I used for the 10×10″ art-board: Brick by Row, Brick offset – 1/2, HxW – 5in, Copies 3×3.

Here’s what it looks like when tiled 9x.

As suggested, here’s a multi-directional or ‘tossed’ version:

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