Truly Thankful



Thanksgiving was a wonderfully low key affair with family. The day after we headed into the local mountains to one of our favorite spots to explore. It was crisp and still with a slight breeze. The small ponds were frozen over and a massive amount of pine cones had fallen recently. I taught my daughter how to forage for pine nuts. She is indeed her mother’s child as she could have spent all day extracting and eating the precious pine cone cargo.



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After we wrapped up our hike, we were looking forward to warming up with some chili and hot chocolate at Newcomb’s Ranch. Hop into the car and head back up the winding road… lurch, lurch, fan kicks into high gear. Uh oh…

After many stops and starts we manage to get to the top and coast down to Newcomb’s. After some discussion we decide to call the AAA as it will be getting dark soon.

Newcomb’s was out of chili… Such a bummer, but food helps our outlook. We eat lunch not thrilled at the cost of a tow, but thankful for the service and kindness of the the staff.

Our tow arrives. He brushes off a motorcyclist who tries to convince him to load up his bike instead of our vehicle and suggests that instead of hooking us up, he’ll drive behind us to make sure we get safely off the mountain (he thinks it may be the altitude’s effect on the car though we’ve never had this issue before).

It works!! A huge and heart felt thank you to Jose.

Today and everyday, I am truly thankful for the kindness of people who we meet in our day to day lives.

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