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Playing Around

Posted by alklein on December 15, 2016
Category: Art Education, Illustration
It's been a busy few months with work, volunteering and the holidays coming up. I'm happy I've been able to put aside a little time to play around with some new techniques and tools. Keeping it loose this new take on George and the Dragon was inspired by word play/association. I wrote down a list of adjectives. The list was cut up and words were randomly grouped together. These in turn inspired images - this

Truly Thankful

Posted by alklein on November 25, 2016
Category: Photographs
  Thanksgiving was a wonderfully low key affair with family. The day after we headed into the local mountains to one of our favorite spots to explore. It was crisp and still with a slight breeze. The small ponds were frozen over and a massive amount of pine cones had fallen recently. I taught my daughter how to forage for pine nuts. She is indeed her mother's child as she could have spent all day

Joshua Tree

Posted by alklein on November 22, 2016
Category: Photographs
We had the fortune of getting out of town and up to Joshua Tree for a few days of camping. It was a great opportunity to dust off the camera and take some photos. We were blessed with fantastic weather and some amazing clouds which brought with them rare rain. We enjoyed bouldering and saw a smattering of wildlife which included a loggerhead shrike, a wood rat (named Scurry), several hare and ground squirrels.

A Working Artist’s Approach, Owls

Posted by alklein on November 18, 2015
Category: Art Education
Below is a lesson that I planned for a group of 3rd graders but can be used across grades. We looked at researching your subject matter. There was a big focus on learning how to see - breaking complicated images into their simplest shapes. Value and color where also touched on as were light source and looking for clues on lighting direction. Lastly, a small demonstration of techniques in using pastels. I approached the owl