Our Next 4 Years: Life Without Science

Over Easter weekend, I had the pleasure of working with Mike Blum and Ramiro Olmos on a PSA for The March for Science. I created the backgrounds (with a little help from my kid – both cat illustrations are hers) based on storyboards by Ramiro. It was a flurry of activity to get the spots out in time for the following weekend’s march.

As some of you know, science is a subject dear to my heart. My love for learning and the natural sciences came into focus with my grandmother and her infectious curiosity. I still have the microscope she gave me when I turned 7 and was so proud to pass it onto my own daughter at the same age.

My grandmother is still my hero. Born at the turn of the century she was a woman far ahead of her time. She received her doctorate from California Berkely when it was rare for a woman, let alone a ‘minority’ to do so. So, with her in my heart, I was very proud to lend a hand in this endeavor.

Below is a link to the full video. Enjoy!

Click to view PSA – March for Science

70 Years of Father’s Follies

This year I’ve had the honor of designing the poster for the 70th annual Father’s Follies. It’s an event that benefits the Verdugo Woodlands PTA. Dubbed by “LA Weekly” several years ago as “L.A.’s weirdest annual drag show,” it involves nearly 100 fathers of Verdugo Woodlands Elementary students dressing in costume to sing, dance and act in an original performance that has been months in the making.

More info at the link below.
Dad’s Club Presents Father’s Follies

Playing Around with Styles

Working on a new project and playing around with look development. I’ve been exploring the UPA (United Productions of America) style. It’s a fun, loose look that harkens back to the 50’s and 60’s. I had a lot of fun working on the example below.

Looking forward to doing more and adding animation.

Vegging Out

Wow, this year is flying! February is nearly over and I haven’t posted anything since the New Year.

Repeat patterns have always fascinated me. Years ago when I was working in game design much of what I did involved creating patterns that would make the most of the smallest amount of space. It’s been years since I’ve played around doing repeats so I was thrilled to jump into a project that involved textile design. I love fabric and have sewn off and on since I was a preteen. What a great opportunity to delve into a side of art that has held my interest for ages.

Below are some of my initial sketches. I went with a food theme. I had so many that I narrowed the theme down to vegetables. I plan on following up with fruits and cookware, etc. Stay tuned.

I illustrated the individual veggies in Photoshop and then placed them in Illustrator to create the repeat pattern. Here’s the final repeat – the setting I used for the 10×10″ art-board: Brick by Row, Brick offset – 1/2, HxW – 5in, Copies 3×3.

Here’s what it looks like when tiled 9x.

As suggested, here’s a multi-directional or ‘tossed’ version:

Happy New Year

I’ve gotten a little break from the typical daily routine during this holidays. It’s been a great opportunity to teach myself new things while also making art to bring in the new year. Sadly, the making of this piece was sandwiched between the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher…

A stitching sampler has a tradition of being a place to share your sentiments. The past year has been difficult for many. Though we’ve had much to be grateful for, my family and I have also gone through some trying times in 2016. The knit sampler above sums up our thoughts as 2017 approaches. Wishing you a 2017 that doesn’t suck.

Love, health, happiness and plenty moving forward in the new year.

Alisa Loren Klein & Team Little Green Dog